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Culture must reinforce strategy and purpose

Strategy, purpose and culture are triangular points that connect and must align to reinforce one another. The saying 'culture eats strategy' is true at all times. See strategy, purpose and culture as a triangle where they are connected and act in unison. Consequently, business leaders must ensure that the culture of their organizations support the strategy and purpose.
Is the culture of your company supporting your strategy and purpose and/or vice versa?

Change-agile leadership behaviours

Change-agile leadership is important to stay ahead in the present ever-changing and uncertain business world. But how do you cultivate the leadership behaviour that allows your organisation or team to embrace change?
In this article, Edith Onderick-Harvey indicates that having a clear purpose, looking ahead to see opportunities, promoting a culture of risk-taking & experimentation, seeking out what's not working and collaboration will enable an organisation or team to effectively navigate (and enhance) change.

Leaders need to balance the need to perform and transform

As a business leader, you need to be able to balance current needs with future opportunities. That is, to continuously improve current performance while balancing the transformation needs of the organisation especially with the uncertainties that characterise the present business environment.
To do this, the business leader should effectively manage his/her time; lead with inclusive leadership where power is devolved to the team and people; and create a work environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

Create a high performing team

How do you create a high performing teams in your organisation?
The key is to create a 'psychological safety' among members of your team. This involves creating an environment where mistakes are not judged/punished, adopting a learning mindset, being curious about others' view points and encouraging team members to speak up. This psychological safety has the potential to increase motivations to solve difficult problems, learning and development opportunities, and better performance.

Make your best employee manager ready

Most star employees do not necessarily become the best managers. The technical skills that make them very productive will not necessarily make them successful as managers.
As a leader, you can make your star employees manager-ready by focusing on these important skills:

- Let them be opened to feedback and personal change
- Supporting others' development
- Openness to innovation
- Effective communication
- Good interpersonal skills
- Supporting organizational changes.
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