Accounting and Taxation

Review engagement, accounting and taxation services.

Review and non-assurance engagement

We prepare financial statements and act as an accounting officer for small and medium sized entities. We perform review and non-assurance engagement for small and medium sized entities.
We provide corporate organizations with audit readiness by reviewing the financial statements and all aspects of the operations ahead of the main external audit.

Accounting services

We review all aspects of your business and generate reports which show profit performance. We act as management accountants and consultants by helping to cost all aspects of the business and generate report which show profit/performance by division, product, branches, region, etc. and based on these provide advice on how to improve performances and consequently the bottom-line. We also assist businesses to prepare financial reports for such purposes as submission to SARS, tendering, obtaining finance from financial institutions, etc.

Taxation services

We provide tax advisory services. We carry out tax planning activities, initiatives and tax saving measures for individuals, businesses and corporate entities. We act as tax practitioner for businesses in the area of tax planning, preparation and submission. We help businesses to plan and legally minimize tax liabilities. We also help high net worth individuals and those at the upper range of tax brackets to plan their taxes and legally minimize tax liabilities.