We offer the following consulting services


Management Consulting

We consult for businesses at management level. We assist companies with business strategy and implementation, performance improvement/enhancement, operation optimization and act as business advisors. We help businesses with debt management, asset verification, quantification, maintenance and management. During times of distress, we perform turnaround engagement services and also act as business rescue practitioners. We help establish and instill good corporate governance and financial practice within the business and in the management. Our goal is not only to get businesses back on track (to pre-distress level) but also to ensure that businesses function optimally and profitably for the foreseeable future.

Financial Consulting

We carry out business valuations to establish the worth of a business for record purposes or on sale or purchase of businesses, disposal of a business segment, take-over, management buy-out or buy-in, etc. We assist businesses with strategy development, business reports, business plans, developing of financial policy and plans, term of references for Board and or its committees, etc. We want to be your ‘Finance Business Partner’ and ensure that your business' financial life takes a strategic view, function optimally and achieve the desired results. As your trusted finance business partner, we assist to ensure that finance takes its strategic role within your business by aligning various functions to ensure cohesion thereby making all parts of the business to have common focus of your company’s desired future state.

Investigation and Due Diligence

We perform investigation and due diligence for individuals and corporate entities on selling or buying of a business and/or during management buy-out or buy-in. We assist with pre and post investment diligence and ensure that agreements are in the best interests of all parties.

Business Analysis & Consulting

We act as a change manager by analyzing all aspects of your business operations to see where inefficiencies and wastages are prevalent and help to eliminate these. We take a holistic and eagle-eye look at the entire operation and assist businesses to cut-down on wastages and concentrate on areas where values are most added. We help analyze where your business currently stands and assist to develop measures to take your business to where it needs or should be.