Project Management

Our project management services include

Project management

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We focus on the management side of project management where the objective is not to produce a physical item but to meet certain objectives of an organisation. This involves small scale projects where all parts do not require detailed expertise. We handle the projects from the start to finish and ensure that project deliverable are met in terms of cost, time and quality. Such projects include restructuring an organisation, launching a campaign or product, moving or setting up of an office, the redesign of an office or shopping floor, the installation of an IT system within a company or a branch, introduction of a new system in an organization, etc. We act as the project manager for such projects. In addition, we manage special projects for municipalities, government agencies, departments, etc. small, medium and large sized entities. We also act as a project manager within a programme or portfolio management.

Financial project management

For large scale projects such as the construction of large municipal facilities (e.g. roads, dams, utilities, etc.), installation of organization wide IT facilities across, and or linking, all branches, setting up of offices across cities, building of resort facilities or centre, etc. we act as the project financial partner/controller in which case we control all aspects of the project finances. We set up the budgets, monitor spending and ensure that there is no budget overrun. We work in a team in which everyone is an expert in their various fields. We shed light on companies’ project finances and ensure that all project financial deliverable are achieved on time, within budget and according to companies’ policy and objectives. We also manage the finances of projects for small and medium sized companies.

Impact Evaluation and Assessment

We assist corporate and government entities to evaluate and assess the impact of policies and intervention programmes with a view to determining whether or not such policies and intervention programmes achieved stated objectives. We carry out research and use appropriate evaluation framework(s) to identify impacts, gaps and challenges, and provide recommendations for improvement and refinement going forward.


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