Case studies of selected projects

Pricing and brand strategy for a proposed educational institution (2021)

An investor who was planning to establish a high-tech, co-educational private institution in Gauteng engaged us with designing an appropriate market entry strategy for the proposed institution.
By leveraging on our knowledge of the local market, analysing environmental and economic factors, and performing financial analysis & scenario planning, we were able to determine three brand and pricing strategies for market entry; exclusive, premium and mass market.
In the end, our analysis showed that the premium brand strategy was the most viable option to achieve the business goals.

Bargain purchase on an investment decision (2020)

An investor who was buying a 20% stake in a private company approached us to determine if the valuation of the company as provided by the seller was reasonable.
By performing financial and trend analysis, examining macro-economic factors including past, present and future performances, and constructing different case scenarios, we were able to determine the plausible valuations of the company.
The analysis we provided enabled the investor to realistically negotiate the 20% investment purchase and obtained a bargain purchase of 37.5% (below the initial asking price).

Contract Management Implementation (2019-2022)

Contract management within the municipal finance function was an area of concern for the North West Provincial Government as this function, if it exists at all, was not well managed within municipalities.
In 2019, North West Department of Finance, Economy & Enterprise Development (FEED) introduced contract management intervention programme to assist municipalities in the North West Province to better manage their contracts and the performance of related projects.
As part of the team of Regucom, we were appointed to oversee contract management implementation in one of the 22 municipalities within North West. Performed in three phases over three years (with breaks between 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19), our team carried out extensive analysis of contracts, financial and legal reviews of contracts to identify irregularities and gaps in contractual obligations, training and appropriate skill transfers.
Our work resulted in the institution of controls for effective contract management within the municipality, establishment of a seven-member Contract Management Committee (CMC) to oversee contract management functions, establishment of a Contract Management Unit (CMU) to discharge contract management responsibilities, among others. These were not available at the municipality prior to our engagement.

Facilitated Content Harmonization Think Tank (2019)

Damilight facilitated a 3-day African Dialogue Content Hamonisation Think Tank for the Film and Publication Board. The Think Tank workshop brought together Heads of Film and Censor Board of five countries (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Lesotho and Eswathini) to discuss the harmonisation of content regulation in Africa, protection of vulnerable members of the society from harmful and illegal contents, challenges of content regulation in the 21st century and how content regulation could meet the needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
The thought-leadership provided by our team and the action points teased out fed into the Charter and Framework to be developed at the end of the workshop.

Project Evaluation and Impact Study (2018)

City of Tshwane in collaboration with The Innovation Hub Management Company of South Africa (The Innovation Hub) run two youth-focused entrepreneurship and innovation intervention programmes termed FabLab and eKasiLab. Since inception and prior to our work, the programmes had never been evaluated to determine if it was meeting the intended objectives.
In 2018, City of Tshwane engaged us to evaluate the programmes and assess their impacts, relevance, performance, cost effectiveness and successes. after extensive work covering six regions of the municipality, using appropriate evaluation techniques, financial modelling and data analysis, we were able to determine the effectiveness, cost-benefits, relevance, lessons and gaps in the the implementation of the programmes.
Our findings and recommendations assisted the City and The Innovation Hub to refine, redesign and improve upon the implementation of the programmes going forward.

"Damilight met all the milestones set within the agreed timeline. We were overly satisfied with the quality of their work, professionalism and diligence. Their study findings and recommendations have given us a clear direction on how to improve on our external innovation programme going into the new financial year".
Senior Innovation Specialist: Innovation and Knowledge Management Division, City of Tshwane.

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